Halloween Party I - Grianan & Paddy McMillen´s

Halloween Party I


Grianan :

1. The Wind that Shakes the Barley / Reel with the Beryle
2. Merrily Kiss the Quaker Wife / Drowsy Maggie
3. Nil Na la (Irish Traditional Song)
2. The Red-haired Boy (Hornpipe)
4. Cowboi (Welsh song)
5. May Morning Dew / March of the Kings of Laois
6. The Ber Dance (Belgium Traditional)
7. The Newry Highwayman (Irish Song)
8. Puirt a Beul (Scottish Mouth Music)
9. Honeymoon reel / The Silver Spear
10. Benoit / Duncan´s Morrison´s Jig (Breton Tune / Irish Jig)
11. Sean Ryan´s (Irish Polka w / Paddy McMillen´s mandolin)
12. The Harvest Home (Irish Hornpipe w / Paddy McMillen´s mandolin)
13. Cooley´s / Drowsy Maggie (Irish Reels w / Paddy McMillen´s mandolin)

Paddy McMillen´s :

14. The Irish Rover
15. Dirty Old Town
16. The Star of County Down
17. The Foggydew
18. Whiskey in the Jar
19. The Flower of Scotland
20. The Leaving of Liverpool
21. Finnegan´s Wake
22. The Wild Rover
23. My Brown eyed Girl (Van Morrison)
24. Bad Moon Rising (John Fogerty)
25. Honky Tonk Women (Mick Jagger - Keith Richards)

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Grabado en vivo por Perseo Barilari en The Shannon Pub el 31 de octubre de 2002 junto al músico irlandés Paddy McMillen. Participaron : Raúl Canedo, Laura Lindner, Mariana Padrón, Karen Higgs, Leandro Bonilla, Conrad O’Neill y Fabián Romero.