Unfiddled Grianan live at The Shannon Pub



1. Merrily Kiss the Quaker Wife / Drowsy Maggie
2. The Red-haired Boy (Hornpipe)
3. Cowboi (Welsh song)
4. May Morning Dew / March of the Kings of Laois
5. The Ber Dance (Belgium Traditional)
6. Sovay, Sovay (Irish Song)
7. Amazing Grace / Scotland the Brave / Kelsey´s Wee Reel / Brenda Stubbert
8. Fanny Power / Garrett Barry´s Jig / The Man of the House
9. The Newry Highwayman (Irish Song)
10. Honeymoon reel / The Silver Spear
11. The Foxhunter´s Jig / the Butterfly (irish Slip Jigs)
12. The Rakes of Mallow / Muirsheen Durkin (Irish Polkas)
13. Fi Wela (I See) Welsh Song
14. Toss the Feathers / The Liting Banshee
15. Nil Na la (Irish Traditional Song)
16. Puirt a Beul (Scottish Mouth Music)
17. Morrison´s Jig
18. Maggie in the Woods / The Britches full of Stitches / Sean Ryan´s Polka

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Grabado en vivo por Perseo Barilari el 4 de diciembre de 2002. Participaron: Raúl Canedo, Mariana Padrón, Karen Higgs, Leandro Bonilla, Conrad O’Neill y Fabián Romero.